Product Info

Part of the “stretched curd” paste filata family, this Italian staple is made with whole cow’s milk, solely from the restricted Provolone production area. Master cheese-makers expertly form the “dough” into the traditional Provolone shape and through skillful curing techniques achieve a full, pleasingly buttery-sharp flavor and distinctive semi-firm and smooth texture.

Serving Ideas

Provolone Piccante is a versatile cheese that can be grated, shredded, sliced, cubed and melted and goes well when mixed with other Italian cheeses, especially Mozzarella. It adds zest to sandwiches, salads, baked dishes, pizza, pasta, bruschetta, omelets, potatoes and chicken. It goes well with olives, tomatoes, salumi and fruit, notably pear and grapes

Pairing Notes

Works very well with light to medium bodied, fruit forward wines like Chianti or Beaujolais. For beer, an Italian lager is a natural choice.



Nutrition Facts

Provolone Piccante