Product Info

Piave DOP is named for the Piave River that flows from the Carnic Alps of Italy’s Austrian border into the Adriatic Sea at a point just north of Venice. Originating in the Veneto province of Belluno, Piave is characteristic of this stunning alpine region, where Italian Brown cows graze valley pastures and the breathtaking Dolomite mountains dominate the setting.

Extra Aged Piave is matured for at least one year, the time it takes for Piave to achieve a full-flavor potential that will continue to deepen with extra aging. Made with regional pasteurized cow’s milk, Extra Aged Piave uniquely combines the whole milk from the morning milking and the semi-skimmed milk from the evening milking, which greatly contributes to Piave’s uniquely complex, mild yet intense, sweet, nutty, fruity flavor.

More aging does not sharpen the cheese, just further pronounces Extra Aged Piave\’s delicious taste and allows a lengthier lingering on the palate.

Dense in texture with no holes, Extra Aged Piave has a hard, straw-colored, friable paste and a smooth, deep yellow tinted rind stamped PIAVE on its heel to mark authenticity.

Serving Ideas

Perfect for any dish that will be enhanced by grated cheese, Extra Aged Piave is often likened to Parmigiano-Reggiano, but it is also a superior table cheese and ideal for shaving over salads, especially arugula salads, and Extra Aged Piave goes very well with salami.

Pairing Notes

Extra Aged Piave’s sweet, nutty flavors pair well with full-bodied red wines like Barolo or Amarone from northern Italy. For a beer, Amber ales are a great choice.



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