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One of the first Italian cheeses ever produced, Pecorino Romano was a staple for energy in every Roman legionnaire’s diet. Pecorino specifies sheep’s milk and Romano is for the Lazio countryside outside of ancient Rome where the cheese originated. Pecorino Romano is made by a unique process called “rummaging the curds,” whereby the curds are quickly drained and pierced before salting. Using time-honored production and maturation methods, Cucina Classica Pecorino Romano comes by its full, classic sharp, salty flavor and signature grainy, crumbly texture naturally.

Serving Ideas

This ancient cheese has been essential to southern Italian cooking for eons. It is especially known for grating over pasta, potato and vegetable dishes but is also great for salads, soups and casseroles.

Pairing Notes

Whether as a table cheese or grated over pasta, Pecorino Romano pairs well with fruit-forward red wines like a Chianti Classico.



Nutrition Facts

Shredded Pecorino Romano