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About 1100 AD, the Benedictine Monks created Grana Padano, the world’s first hard cheese, to address their milk surplus.

This magnificent cheese was soon sought to lend its complex, delicate, fruity aroma and taste to the finest royal banquets while also providing the most important daily familial nutrition source in humble rural homes.  And so Grana Padano became revered as “the cheese with two souls.”Called “Grana” for its grainy texture and Padano for the collective northern Italian areas that make up the designated production origin, the monks’ masterpiece is a low-fat cheese made with semi-skimmed raw cow’s milk that is produced year round.

After 10 centuries, the traditional recipe, production method and slow maturation process remain unchanged, handed down to the guardians of each generation. Today Grana Padano is known as the preeminent and favorite cheese of Italy and the best selling PDO cheese in the world.

Serving Ideas

Use on pasta, soups, stews, rice or vegetable dishes.

Pairing Notes

Grana Padano pairs well with figs and dried fruit, sliced apples, or a drizzle of honey. For a savory snack pair with walnuts, olives or cured meat.The fruity, nutty flavor and rich texture of Grana Padano pairs well with a full-bodied, aromatic white wine or a big Italian red like Barolo. The saltiness of Grana Padano can pair well with dessert wines.



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